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Comic book and graphic novel inspiration

Comic Book and Graphic Novel Case Studies

  • Comic Book - Run Freak Run

    Comic Book

    Run Freak Run
    By Silver Saaremaeel & Kaija Rudkiewicz
    Trade Books (8×10 in, 20×25 cm)
    A husband and wife bring their serialized web comic to life in the b&w trade book format, priced to sell on Amazon.
    Trade Books start at
  • Graphic Novel - 4Story

    Graphic Novel

    By Paul Rivoche
    Photo Books (8×10 in, 20×25 cm portrait)
    Rivoche opted to self-publish his four-comic anthology in a standard portrait photo book format, the standard for graphic novels.
    Photo Books start at
  • Graphic Novel - Ella Bella Bunny Detective

    Comic Book

    Ella Bella Bunny Detective
    By Joel Cooper
    Magazine (8.5x11 in, 22x28 cm)
    This fun magazine tells the story of Ella Bella; a small bunny, who also runs her own Detective agency. The magazine format is perfect for reading on the go and passing on.
    Magazines start at

“Blurb has helped me bring my vision directly to people, pretty seamlessly. It’s very exciting.”

– Paul Rivoche, Marvel and DC Comics artist


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  • PDF to Book to Make Your Comic Books
    PDF to Book
    Already have your graphic novel in PDF format? Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to a Blurb-friendly book size. Then simply publish and order your comic book.
  • Adobe InDesign Plug-In to Make Your Own Comic Book
    Adobe InDesign Plug-In
    Already use Adobe® InDesign®? Install our plug-in to automatically create your comic book with Blurb-ready blank templates and even upload your project without leaving InDesign.
  • Blurb BookWright to Make Your Own Comic Book
    Blurb BookWright
    BookWright's easy-to-use features allow you to create your custom layouts, arrange images and text with auto-alignment, and use pre-installed fonts in your graphic novel.

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Tips to Sell and Promote Your
Comic Book

Tips to Sell and Promote Your Comic Book

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